The ToucanX Vision


ToucanX is a cyber assurance company with the ability to solve the overwhelming burden of breaches and security problems in our world of growing digital connectivity in a natural and Holistic way.

The Toucan name was inspired by a safari I took with my children a few years back. While hiking we encountered an amazing sight. It was a Toucan, a bird known for its striking beauty and diverse colors that unite in harmony.

When I returned from the safari, I mentioned the encounter to a close friend an IT guru. He had an inspirational thought that we can apply the same concept of unity to the building blocks of IT. Slice it up and recompose to complement one another, thereby achieving sublime beauty of design and security.
Had the Toucan been one solid color it probably would not have stood out in my thoughts as extraordinary. It dawned on me “one can’t but Toucan”!

This was the concept that launched our proprietary technology BSoP -bifurcated security operating policy.

Our mission- to bring intrinsic security, certainty and zero risk by solving the problem without patches, anti-virus programs, and constant monitoring and updates required to help protect data. ToucanX’s approach and technologies will ensure a secure a harmonic path as we engage in our adventurous and sometimes risky safaris in the digital jungle.

See for yourself

Reach out, request a demo. See for yourself the power of ToucanX.