Operating System

ToucanX’s proprietary Bi-furcation of the OS provides assurance without limiting usefulness , the opposite of how Virtualization is currently used

ToucanX creates a truly virtual OS combining two or more OS’s through embedded near real time virtualization


ToucanX Insures (virtually) Tamper-proof Encryption & Signatures on All Traffic

Bi-furcation allows credentials and keys to remain hidden

Every protocol – L2 & L4 layers – can be encrypted and signed to resist even brute force attack

Architecture Value

Implementable Through Plug-in Actionable Like Architectural Components
Wide Test Platform Support
Abstraction Level Makes it Widely Adoptable to New Business Requirements
Below OS, Below Network Does Not Constrain Existing Topology
Know-how in Achieving Close to Real-time Scalable Performance
Fairly Decoupled From Other Vendor Product Updates, Support Matrices

See for yourself

Reach out, request a demo. See for yourself the power of ToucanX.