The ToucanX Mission


What We Do

ToucanX has eliminated remote attack vectors without sacrificing productivity. We’ve brought embedded near real time virtualization to the enterprise endpoint. No more red tape. Protect your assets, Eliminate roadblocks and unleash your users productivity instantly with ToucanX.

How We Do It

We have created a new cybersecurity architecture that, by design, segregates assets that are considered sensitive and/or classified and makes them virtually inaccessible to a malicious actor, regardless of the level of penetration or type of attack.

We have created an revolutionary technology based on the zero trust principle, called BSoP. Bifurcated Security Operating Policy. Using this autonomous technology we have crafted 3 unique tools. Fission, Cascade and Hawk.

Addressing Key Cybersecurity Problems

  • ToucanX offers full solutions to IT security challenges for the Desktop/Laptop, Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things and Cloud Environments
  • ToucanX can meet or exceed compliance requirements for government, healthcare data standards, and financial industry standards

See for yourself

Reach out, request a demo. See for yourself the power of ToucanX.