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What we do

Uncompromised Security

ToucanX PRNG, your network is fortified against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. PRNG incorporates a simple, autonomous architecture at the kernel level—L2 in the OIS model—eliminating the need for further cybersecurity application layers and vulnerable third party products or services. The PRNG delivers full end-to-end encryption at the individual packet level, securing all traffic automatically. It shines brightest where secure, low latency communications are demanded, without the overhead of continuous management, saving time and resources. PRNG can scale readily in point to point or multipoint implementations, creating secure tunnels capable of sufficient throughput for even the largest cloud implementations.

Seamless Integration, Ultimate Simplicity

The ToucanX PRNG takes full advantage of sophisticated hardware with powerful and transparent software to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. Designed with simplicity in mind, the PRNG seamlessly integrates into your existing network infrastructure and cloud provider of choice, without causing disruptions. Its plug-and-play functionality ensures quick deployment, either on a physical gateway or switch device, or virtually in a data center or cloud implementation, allowing you to strengthen your cybersecurity posture within minutes.

Safeguard Your Reputation, Secure Your Future

The cost of a data breach goes beyond financial implications; it can tarnish your organization's reputation and erode customer trust. Don't let your hard-earned reputation be compromised. Invest in the ToucanX PRNG and safeguard your future by making security your top priority


Identified Problem

An entity at one end of a network link does not know who is on the other end of the link before sending/receiving data, as the FQDN, IP or MAC could be spoofed. This creates the possibility of receiving dangerous malware or having data intercepted. Unfortunately, security is not currently built into network protocol standards themselves. It is usually just a patch on top.

Identified Solution

Both sides of communication link exchange unique identifiers that are not known to anyone else and will not be shared. Each piece of data flowing between the end points is encrypted and signed, such that all data is verified for trust. All data is obfuscated so that only the intended recipient can reassemble it into meaningful information. All communications follow defined security policies. Where desirable, macro controls are applied by placing gateways onto network links or segments.

The ToucanX PRNG delivers:

  • Secure peer to peer communications using AES-CTR-256 encryption at rest and in transit
  • Autonomous distributed PKI
  • Authenticity services for secure node on-boarding
  • Secure subnets with efficient L2 and L4 routing
  • Nested subnets supporting master-slave configuration
  • Gateway services enabling secure communication for legacy and IoT devices, implemented as a reverse proxy
  • Kernel modules deployable with third-party operating system and appliances
  • Virtual secure links over insecure or public network