It's a jungle out there

What we do

Eliminate remote attack vector

ToucanX has eliminated remote attack vectors without sacrificing productivity.

Embedded near real time virtualization

We've embedded near real time virtualization to the enterprise endpoint.

No more red tape

Protect your assets, Eliminate roadblocks and unleash your users productivity instantly with ToucanX.

How we do it

We have created revolutionary technology based on the zero trust principle, called BSoP. Bifurcated Security Operating Policy. Using this autonomous technology we have crafted 3 unique tools. Fission, Cascade and Hawk.



BSoP Technology

Each endpoint runs Fission, a system that creates and seamlessly transitions between the Secure and Public instances.


Network Security Instance

The Secure and Public instances do not have direct network access. All network traffic goes through Cascade, a Network Security Instance that applies network segmentation on the endpoint automatically.

Hawk Hawk


Real-time IMS - Instance Management Server

Hawk is the Management Server which oversees the network. Hawk can be run in a centralized configuration for easy deployment across enterprise networks or in a decentralized fashion for ultimate security.


How we deploy and provision solution across enterprise endpoints.


Analytics monitoring the attack vectors of the public instances.


Self healing for the Public instance. When the Public instance is compromised, Newt detects this and self heals without needing the manual intervention and resources of IT.